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Im Screwed Real Bad   
02:51pm 19/05/2010
mood: FML
Man I Have So Much To Pay For And So Little Money ..... Grad $47(?)..... Class Trip $25 (Not So Bad But I Need Spending Money) .....Prom $45 ......Money I Have ....$29.28.....Im So Not Going To Be Able To Go To Prom..... T.T....
02:40pm 19/05/2010
mood: Pissed

Wow It has been A Long Time Sence Ive been On Here And It Has Seems A Lot Has Changed Like Alot People Have Gone Groups Have Also I Feel So Far BeHind But I Know Im Going To Go Through Groups Im Watchin And A Few Other Things And Takin Them Off Just GFoing Through And Stuff Lol Im Goign To  Start  To Come Back And Blog Again .....Lol Even If I Never Really Did To Start With xD  


OMG Its Been Way To Long Guys And Gals   
02:52pm 03/02/2010
mood: I Miss J-Rock!!


OMg its Been So Long Sence Ive Been On Livejournal ive missed This Place Soo Much ....and Ive Had A Fall Out With J-Rock And The GazettE and i want Back In But Im so Far Behind :( I Miss THem anybody know If These Anynew  Things Happening In The J-Rock World ? scary? pain full? funny? Happy ?

Oh and A Few Questions?

Ruki And Kais New Hair Style? (Or What I Think Is New Lol )

any One Have Good Pictures Of them ? Lol

...Oh and I Have A Twitter Now xD .... 

OHHH i wonder?!?!   
07:50pm 28/08/2009
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07:06pm 03/08/2009
Feed Me!

Adopted from Valenth

Feed Me!

Adopted from Valenth

Feed Me!

Adopted from Valenth
i think my heart stoped...   
10:15am 20/07/2009
mood: nauseated

wow ..man i just had a my two friedns and there older sister come to the door and ask my my grandmother and so i got her and i went back ...the older sister ...said ..he had a masive heartattack and died for 10 mintues ....and then got him breathing again .....so they are not 100% sure if there is brain damage or not ....i was there when she was talking at the door about it ...i watched her she looked liek she was holding back tears and seeing that and hearing what happen ...i had to leave ....i could not be there...i was going to start crying i feel so bad for the kids (my two friends) and liek they promblems (like mind wise) not very bad they are better .....kinda like ADD... but to have that happen...i wanna be there for them to help get through it ....even thou i know i cant do much but my family watnts to just help ....and to make things worce he has a stressful family  job....i hope he gets better


if you could do one thing to help me out please pray for him to be well .....or even keep him in mind ...to hope he gets better faster..

thank you

Molly P.

Aoi !!!   
02:43pm 15/07/2009
Make custom Glitter Graphics

07:17pm 13/07/2009
mood: blah

holy cow its thr 14 of july !!

wanna know why ?!



Kibum !!!   
12:54pm 02/07/2009
mood: tired

i was looking through my friends page and i saw this

(( http://community.livejournal.com/omonatheydidnt/927876.html

Source: Liberty Times
Translated by: hazel @ asianfanatics

From Omonatheydidnt and it talks about kibum ))

and from what is says

i really no more so now dont believe that he going to leave liek the talk is goign around says

kibum is great he really is i really dont believe the rumor (sp) bout him going off and doing his own things (even so i would support him) and this just shows how much he really loves the other members and how much as it says Super junior is One Heart!

This is lovely news from me i think after today (pulling down trees and hitting stuff cutting legs open) this is the best news so far sence summer started!!!!
09:26am 01/07/2009

Happy Birthday Leader !!!!


Hope For the Best  Keep On Being Happy Yor Fan Are Behind You All The Way !!!

Keep Healthy !!! Eat Well!!!


11:21am 22/06/2009
mood: YAY
Thank you mommy!!! kuz she is a super big Super junior fan !!!! we got

슈퍼주니어 The Movie

Attack On The Pin Up Boys!

And nowwww kuz she feels kinda behind sence she saw the perview type thing for the Super Show 2

She just payed for Super Show 1 !!!!

And it will be here soon!!!! YAY I love you Mommy!!



I hope when super show 2 come out on dvd she' ll get that also :P

09:47am 13/06/2009
08:57am 05/06/2009
mood: Sick

Holy SHIT!!!

 Yesterday I was At Canada`s WonderLand And we were playing parpar(?)(sp) dance kinda lik DDR

but this song came on and i wazs like man were have i heard it ?

i stoped and started to think about it  and it hit me !!!! H.O.T's Happeness!!!!!!!!! I liek screamed and jumped around Lol

I was like super happy!!! It was Playing On A Game IN CANADA !!!!! GO H.O.T Lol i figered out the back ground beat kuz of the SuJu Remix i was like super happy !!


<3 H.O.T

<3 SuJu

Cassiopeia / E.L.F God They Are So Pretty!!!   
03:16pm 27/05/2009
mood: artistic
I Love Them Both!!!!!!!

DBSK Cassiopeia

Super Junior E.L.F

Do You Have A Fav?

If So Comment Just Don't Get Mad At Each Other If One Does Not Like The Other!!!

Currently obsessed with.....   
03:50pm 14/05/2009
mood: YAYAY
..........ღ..Currently obsessed with:..ღ.......
¸.•✿:heart:✿•.¸Junjou Romantica¸.•✿:heart:✿•.¸



Its super cute anime x3

Yaoi but still SUPER CUTE!!!!

☆┌─┐ ─┐☆
 │▒│ /▒/
 │▒ /▒/─┬─┐
┌┴─┴─┐-┘─┘ ●●PeAcE●☠☠


¸.•*´¨`*•.¸ Friends Rock! ¸.•*´¨`*•.

*••.¸¸♥¸¸¸.•.. Love Friends .•*¨*• •.¸¸♥¸¸¸.•

Paramore ~ Misery Business <3   
02:45pm 04/04/2009

Lyrics | Paramore Lyrics | Misery Business Lyrics

Click For The Song!!!!Collapse )
OMG Congraduations Miyavi+Melody   
11:23am 28/03/2009
mood: Miyavi+Melody

OMG has everybody heard about Miyavi and Melody???

OMG they are so cute together andddddd


Click only if you reallllyyy wanna read!!!!Collapse )
     Read 3 - Post
Oh How I Wish :( Lol :P   
06:41pm 24/03/2009
mood: Waaa




Wow what a messed up link gahhh xD

anyways i love it sooooo much gundam seed rocks me right now




But Man Gundam Seed Destiny Kill me 10 fold  :( Ohhh Welllll

Super Junior Sorry Sorry !!!   
03:06pm 13/03/2009
mood: :P

WOW .....Super junior

The new Mv/Song/Dance is just Super Great

the song is reallly catchy !!! the video is like the best ....KIBUM <3 !!! HanGeng!!!<3 !! Heechul !!!<3 They all look HOT!!

I am so happy they are back !!!

Welcome back super junior !!!

their come back stage was like super great also just lovely !!!!


Youtube link to the "Sorry Sorry" Video







LOl Kuz I CAN!!   
02:00pm 23/02/2009
What does Big Bang think of you? by Pepsi48
Date of Birth
Whose your favorite?
Dae Sung wouldLove you
Tae Yang wouldLove you
Seung Ri wouldsay: "Would you be mine forever?"
G-Dragon wouldask you out
T.O.P wouldask you out
Your lover would beTae Yang
Your love percentage is

Which Super Junior member will you marry? by yunho<33
Favorite Color
Favortie Member
Member you will marryEun Hyuk